"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord's people." (Ephesians 6:18)

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Shari S. • Posted on 6/16/2022 • General


Prayer warriors, you are the best!

Steve's (my SIL) father had his cath procedure today via his wrist and all went well. The doctor is very pleased. He had three stents placed in the left anterior descending artery and calcium cleaned from the left anterior wall of the heart. The doctor feels the aortic valve repair can wait a bit to give the heart time to recover from today's procedure and that the valve repair can be done via the wrist as well. Medicine has come such a long way! He will be staying overnight for observation, which we are all good with.

As for Steve, his PCP has ordered an MRI to rule out any disc herniations and ordered physical therapy.

For now, we are all breathing a bit easier and giving God all the glory.

Thank you all for your prayers.
Kevin and Shari Seek

Orpha C. • Posted on 1/5/2022 • General

Prayers for Mary Wagner: Mary's recent biopsy has shown the lymph nodes are malignant- Mary also has a node on her lung. She will know more after her appointments next week

Orpha C. • Posted on 1/1/2022 • General

Brandon Whipple (grandson) Cindy Gipe (cousin) Prayer is asked for healing - - both have had recent surgery and both are slow in healing from their surgery.

Orpha C. • Posted on 12/29/2021 • General

Tim Keyser is in the E R . No info at this time but Tim and family have not been well. Prayers appreciated by the family

Anonymous • Posted on 12/20/2021 • Career

Please pray for me. I am 53 and live in PA and I lost my job in May 2020 after close to a year of employment, working in the Baltimore region. It was a decent job and one I enjoyed doing. In May 2021, after several interviews, I was hired by a local on-profit organization. Unfortunately, after 2.5 weeks, they decided to terminate my employment, through no fault of my own, simply because I asked too many questions and management realized I didn't know as much as they had hoped for the position. I was totally honest during the interviews and on my resume. I was devastated! Then in November 2021, I went through interviews for a non-profit, cleared my background/drug tests and was given a start date for December 13. I found out my new manager resigned before I was to start. On Thursday, 12/9, I sent an email to the department VP to advise of a small change in my arrival time on my first day in the afternoon, prompting her to call me several hours later to say my offer was rescinded. She didn't feel comfortable with me traveling the distance, as well as other logistics involved! She had previously had no problem with this issue. Again, I was devastated and became severely depressed for the next two days! I really felt that God had finally provided me with a job and with additional experience to add to my resume. In the aftermath, I have had a roller coaster of so-so moods and depression. I am wondering if I'll find another decent job and if the rug will be pulled out from under me again. Please pray for spiritual protection for me, provision for a job (limited savings I am living on), and victory to overcome the Enemy and evil itself. I am at a really low point now and close to my wit's end. I am also experiencing something of a faith crisis, wondering if God is hearing my prayers. Thanks and God bless!

Shannon K. • Posted on 12/13/2021 • Death

Will you please pray the below prayer for my mom and our whole family. My grandmother passed Sunday night at the age of 94 and my mom and our whole family needs prayer. Please also pray that some of her siblings and their families invite Jesus into their hearts. Thank you

Please keep and carry these precious people in their sadness and loss. Cover them with your great wings of love, give their weary hearts rest and their minds sound sleep. Lord, lift their eyes so that they may catch a glimpse of eternity, and be comforted by the promise of heaven.

Orpha C. • Posted on 12/13/2021 • General

Mary Wagner is asking prayer for Ruth Wade who is having knee surgery tomorrow(Tuesday)

Anonymous • Posted on 12/11/2021 • General

I would like to send prayers to all that have lost their lives and for the families from the tornadoes in Kentucky last night. Please pray for them all !!

Shannon K. • Posted on 12/10/2021 • General

Please pray for my Grandmother (Thelma Delauter) as she nears the end of her 94 years on this earth that the Lord of our salvation will free her from the pain and suffering she has experienced this past year.

Thank you and God Bless Everyone.

Anthony H. • Posted on 11/15/2021 • General

Anthony Hayek and I'm currently in hospital they think I had some kind of stroke, running thru a lot of tests but could just use some prayers that be much appreciated.


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